Megabass LimberLamber XS

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WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Finally the long-awaited S-shaped method final weapon from megabus appears! Its name is XS 135 "Rimbaramba". XS is a "drum" made by AITO Engineering Co., Ltd., which showed its overwhelming catching performance, changed the air content of the air block material for XS, tuned and adopted, handmade by Megabas Factory. The S-shaped meandering action produced automatically by a straight retrieve turns direction with an overwhelming sharp turn-in and a kick. Until now, it sublimates into the "Z-action" that slides underwater with a sharp turn-in / turn-out sharp S-shaped action which is said to be in a state of noang. XS clearly conveys actions to the hands of anglers.


Length 157.0 mm
Weight Type FAST SINKING 1.5 / 8 oz. / Type SLOW SINKING 1.1 / 2 oz.