D&M Custom Piranha Swim Jigs

  • $6.29

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The D&M Custom Piranha Jig is made with the professional angler in mind. The Piranha Jig features a sticky sharp 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, large 3-D eyes and exquisite color scheme that are extremely effective. All the heads come with matching skirts. These will make a great addition to your fishing box. The possibilities are endless on how these can be fished, some examples are swimming, umbrella rigs in open water or in rough conditions. All types of trailers can be used with or without the skirt. The large eyelet allows you to use split rings or snaps, thus giving you a greater swimming action.

This design allows the trailer to have more influence on the action of the bait. Using a fluke type plastics give erratic hunting action on the retrieve. Thus allowing the angler to be more versatile, simply by changing trailer types, you can have totally different swimming action. Depending on what fish are keying on a particular day. It can be cast farther and fished slower than baits of similar weight.


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Swim Jig



Swim Jig