Deps Tiny Bulldoze 100

  • $49.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

  • Length: 160mm
  • Weight: 3.5oz
  • Type: Floating

Since the introduction of the full-size 190mm Bulldozer was released in 2012, the fish catching ability of the Bull Shooter system has helped anglers catch fish everywhere.

The bluegill is common forage for bass everywhere both in Japan and the United States. The new “Tiny Bluegill” size is perfect for bluegill eating bass and it can be fished around cover without snapping thanks to the wide lip.

It can be fished with a deadstick action and the slow rise is something that bass can’t resist. The realistic finish and profile help to make it so effective.


LENGTH: 100mm

WEIGHT: 3 / 4oz


RELEASED: November 2020


The 100mm body is the perfect size to imitate a baby bluegill that live everywhere from small ponds to huge reservoirs. The new size is added to the family that already includes other models and sizes that all imitate bluegill.


The impact-resistant coffin-shaped polycarbonate lip deflects off of cover and keeps it from hanging up in standing trees, logs, and weeds.

The lip also helps it dive t the right depth and produces a great action during the retrieve.


The 6mm stainless steel rattle is built into the rattle chamber of the front body. It produces a loud sound to attract bass from long distances.


The PVC fin sticks to the body when swimming and slowly hovers when paused.

The same PVC material is also used for the tail fin to provide a more realistic silhouette to fool bass.

Belly fin

The horizontal stabilizer on the front hook prevents the hook from getting fouled, but also stabilizes the body and helps to add to the action.


The Size 5 hook is super sharp and has a smooth treatment to give you better hookups. The coated finish is similar to the body of the bait to help conceal it.

Adding a feathered trailer will hide the hook even more and also makes it more natural as it flows with the movement of the water, especially in current.


The bait can be fished with a straight retrieve like a crankbait. The vibration and rattling sound gives it a great appeal and the wide lip gives it a great action that makes it effective even in rough conditions. Deflecting it off of cover is a great way to trigger bites.

Dead Sticking is another great way to use the bait as the realistic details, great finishes and bluegill profile make it look like a small fish riding to the surface to feed. Dead Sticking the bait also irritates any bass in the area.

In addition, the bait can be fished with the “Riser Method”, which is when it makes contact with the structure and stops and floats at the same time. This imitates bluegill rising to the surface with a diagonal posture with the head upwards.

High-temperature caution

Take caution to where you store your baits as they can become deformed or cracked due to the expansion of the air during high temperatures. Keep them out of direct sunlight and in hot places like the inside of vehicles or tackle boxes stored during the warmer months as we are not responsible for damages caused due to storing lures in high temperatures.