Deps Tiny Bullshooter

  • $49.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Since the full-size Bullshooter was released in 2011, the original 190mm size baiit has proven itself everywhere as a great big bait for catching big fish. It has performed in small ponds to massive lakes because of how well it swims and attracts big fish.

Now, a small and compact 100mm sized bait with the same features is available. The Tiny Bullshooter allows you to better match the size of small bluegill and other panfish. Fish it around weeds and other places where baby gills live to temp wary bass.

The original Bullshooter is so effective because of the water displacement from the jointed body and the Tiny Bullshootter keeps the same qualities, but in a smaller package. It has a fish drawing action even with a straight retrieve, but with the right action, it can achieve a weaving, roaming movement and turn and do a 180-degree turn to get fish to bite.

Slow Sinking Model

LENGTH: 100mm


TYPE: Silent