Duo Realis Popper 64

  • $13.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Realis Popper 64 is strictly about business. It fires accurately and arrives at its destination effortlessly. Just pick your target and catch your fish.  It’s the ‘run-n-gun’, making pattern fishing easy.

It’s been said by some, you can’t improve on the popper too much. We at DUO beg to differ.

While other companies spend their enthusiasm on the “skin” of the bait, DUO focuses on the internals. As we know, unfortunate impacts with seawalls and rocky shorelines will occur. It can wreak havoc on poppers, but the 64 was designed to meet this challenge. The wall thickness of the Popper 64 and its internal bulkheads provide structural rigidity and durability.


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