Duo Realis G87 15A Crankbaits

  • $15.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

To set yourself apart from the herd in the crankbait market, a company has to take seriously its understanding of hydro-dynamics, materials, and components. It must also have excellent balanced, castability, defection, unique yet proven vibration and low line-tension during retrieves. DUO exceeded these challenges and set a benchmark in the process with Realis Crank G87, a true super crank and a true pinnacle of lure engineering.

G87`s crank development was carefully put into motion by DUO’s R&D team. The need for a crankbait that could truly dive deep and accurately reach its target has been deeply desired by professional anglers. To make a lure dive deep is not a huge challenge. But to make a lure dive and remain balanced, travel (like an arrow) through the air minimally influenced by crosswinds and stay within strike zone longer with minimal reeling tension requires precise engineering. DUO`s chief designer, Mr. Masahiro Adachi has exceeded expectations.

Keeping the 87 mm profile, maintaining the advanced weight transfer system, DUO Realis has issued a new deep diver – G87 15A, a profile desired by many professionals not only our personal staff. It is a niche bait that dives between 14 and 16 ft. without effort. This crankbait successfully incorporated a pronounced yet sinuous wobble with low hydro-resistance during the retrieve and allows an angler to achieve much more without the extra weight and fatigue.


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