Duo Realis M62 5A Crankbaits

  • $13.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

DUO has entered the crankbait market with the tournament anglers needs in mind. The conviction to that aim begins with the expansion of the Realis M-Line. The M-Series platform in development gave way to additional innovation and technology. The M62 5A has been assigned to the M-series fleet, charged with shallow-water probing. The M62 5A may be one of the most expensive shallow-water cranks created. But its high-quality componentry provides durability, better performance for a better more refined execution.

The thin-cut lip, structurally reinforced, provides significantly more integrity to the fore-region of the lure. While its surface is perfectly flat and wide, the lip also is proficient in displacing a significant amount of water. The lip’s edge is angled designed to grab more and aid with tight to radius deflection.

The slight flats and tapered areas on the reinforced structure provide more flash and assist in less resistance to the body. The M62 has a very balanced-running action that has been perfected over years. It's distinct, yet proven wobble is a refreshing departure from the industry standard.


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