Duo Realis Pencil 130 SW Limited

Duo Realis Pencil 130 SW Limited

  • $14.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

DUO is finally introducing the long-demanded up-sized Pencil 130. A large topwater bait built for abuse and complete warfare. No stealth approach needed unless desired. Pencil 130 is a homewrecker – invasive, loud and more disruptive than an EDM concert. Designed with a powerful glide that displaces more water than a warship, the hawg caller has a draw-effect that impressed even the R&D staff during the first series of tests.

Its buoyancy is well distributed and the lure allows several hook size changes if necessary. It carries the signature of the world famous lure designer Mr. Adachi – the aerodynamic body houses a sphere on the chin of the lure, which makes walking the dog action effortless and also forces the lure to roll, flashing its gill plate.

Don’t be fooled, the robust size did not negate its ability to be retrieved in many ways offering a longer quieter glide when necessary. It is genetically gifted to call and catch big fish.


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