Lucky Craft SKT Mini DR

  • $9.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

  • Length: 2" (50mm)
  • Weight: 3/8oz (9.8g)
  • Class: Floating
  • Belly: #5
  • Hook Tail: #5
  • Max Diving Depth: 5-6 ft
  • LIne: 8-10 lbs

The SKT Mini DR represents one of the most highly rated finesse crankbaits in Lucky Craft’s repertoire. The design began in 2003, when Lucky Craft pro, Skeet Reese won his first Bassmaster Tournament. Lucky Craft created this crankbait to fit Reese’s fishing style and ability. One of the biggest advantages of this bait is its ability to get into the strike zone quickly when casting near structure or heavy cover. This crankbait features a unique tight wobble that will be effective for fishing in highly pressured lakes.

According to Professional Angler, Skeet Reese, the philosophy behind the SKT Mini MR was to design a small profile bait that would run in the 5- to 7-foot range. Compared to both the BDS and Flat CB Series’, the SKT Mini has a much tighter wobble and is not considered a deep diving or shallow-running crankbait. It falls right in the middle and can be used various times throughout the year. The addition of the SKT Mini DR allows an angler to use the SKT at deeper depths but achieve the same action and deflection of the MR. “I can use this bait in pre-spawn or fall patterns,” Reese explained. “In pre-spawn, the water is usually colder and I need a bait with a subtle action. There are certain locations we visit where a tight wobble produces more strikes. I like the tight action and the fact that it runs a little deeper. It is also a bait I can rip through grass if needed, but can also throw around rock and wood. In the fall, I like to fish baits a lot faster. I can reel the SKT very quickly and generate a greater number of strikes.” In addition to the tight wobble, the SKT Mini works well when used around hard cover or grass. Reese typically fishes the SKT Mini on 12- to 14-pound monofilament, but it can be thrown on 20-pound monofilament or braid when fished in heavy grass. “The bait will work fine bouncing off of rocks, but it isn’t designed to bounce off of wood,” Reese said. “The square bill cuts through grass very well, also, and that’s one of the cool things about this bait. I also fish the SKT Mini, no matter what line I’m using, on a 7-foot fiberglass rod.”