Lucky Craft SKT MR Crankbaits

  • $9.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

This new SKT isn’t just a size upgrade, but it’s a completely new bait. Serious fisherman will need both in their tackle box because they stand out in very different conditions. The SKT MR is faster, can cover a lot more water and still have the great deflection capabilities of the original mini versions.The original SKT Mini MR are great summertime baits when fishing after the spawn. However, Lucky Craft did not have a cold-water version of the SKT … until now. Lucky Craft needed a bigger profile bait for those cold-water crankbait fish. The new SKT MR are great crankbaits for cold water and muddy conditions.The SKT MR does not have rattles. Lucky Craft used an internal weighting system on these crankbaits, and they have great balance. They have already been compared to wooden or balsa baits, which are normally very expensive, and it’s hard to find two that will run the same out of the package. The SKT MR have the same action and wobble as a balsa bait, but they are a lot more reliable, consistent and durable. The SKT MR is a great medium running crankbait and is very versatile. The front lip is wide and brings the bait quickly to its desired depth, which can range from a few inches to 5 or 6 feet. Many medium running crankbaits have the tendency to roll or turn when fished fast, but not the SKT MR. With flat sides, a tight wobble and a lot of vibration, the MR offers fish a defined target, even in muddy water.


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