Megabass Garuda

  • $124.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm










The secret behind Megabass GARUDA’s overwhelming ability to attract fish and elicit bites rests in its powerful movement, painstaking detail, and the quality of its sound. Double-jointed construction and careful design drive smooth, sinuous action punctuated by the enticing “knock” of GARUDA’s joints coming in contact.

Wide, powerful lip stiff-arms gnarly timber and submerged structure, allowing GARUDA to be deployed where other big baits so often foul. With rod tip held high and a slow retrieve, Megabass GARUDA is a monster wake bait ready to challenge the biggest fish in your waters. Drop your tip and speed up your retrieve, and GARUDA will dive to 4-6ft with hard-charging action and huge deflections targets just can’t ignore.

Spec’d as a floating lure, GARUDA is also designed to accept teardrop sinkers behind the lip, to fine-tune for virtually any depth range. For fishing that involves bottom contact, Megabass GARUDA can be “back hook tuned” by removing the trebles, and attaching a single hook to the top of the lure. The back of the lure, where the groove for hook shank is located, features a neodymium magnet MAGHOLD (PAT.) system to keep the top hook in place.

The Megabass GARUDA’s overwhelming destructive power is perfect for top range dead sticking and waking, mid-range retrieves, bottom contact, and anything a monster hunter could possibly desire from a big bait. GARUDA is built to bring you results beyond your imagination.


Includes elastomer pads for silent tuning

For targets sensitive to noise, we have included elastomer pads for silent tuning to soften the contact sound of the joints.

Equipped with BOMBADA SNAP OVO Size: No.3

Maghold system for top hook configuration

*Hook for top hook configuration not included