Megabass Sleeper Craw

  • $9.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Size: 3in

Weight: 5/8oz

Type: Sinking


The newest addition to the Megabass sleeper family is now available. This has been a long time anticipated bait in the sleeper line up. The finesse profile of the bait allows for multipurpose use and a new presentation of crawdads. Bringing the unique hidden hook design, enticing realism and undeniable fish catching capability to the style of conventional craw imitations. Just like the other baits in the sleeper line, the sleeper craw includes the hidden hook and weight design. This is key for the weedless capability and keeping a snaggles design to skip docks and structure fast and effortlessly. The new buoyant claws are made of a durable material that also has scent in the plastic.