Megabass Uoze Swimmer

  • $11.99


WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The Megabass UOZE SWIMMER spares no expense, harnessing careful design and premium components to deliver an unrivaled swim jig experience.

The UOZE SWIMMER’s head starts with a classically-proven point to cut through vegetation and water, but that is where the similarities end. Sculpted details culminate in flared gill-plates, which provide subtle retrieve resistance to improve angler feel, range-keeping and roil the water to bring silicone skirts to life. Custom #3 willow blade adds flash and vibration, anchored via shape-memory titanium wire to compress out of the way of bites, improving hookup ratio. Tension-tuned weed guard deflects light vegetation without obstructing hard-won bites.

Finished with a beefy Megabass original wide-gap hook with slick fluorine coating for superior hook penetration, carefully arranged silicone skirts and hand-tied double worm keepers to safely secure salt-rich offerings like the SPARK SHAD swimbait, the UOZE SWIMMER is ready to take your swim jig game to new heights.

Caution – Caring for Titanium

Due to the characteristics of titanium wire, its shape-memory ability will decrease with colder temperatures—particularly sub-freezing temperatures, in which the wire may become bent. If this happens, please slowly and carefully correct the bend. However, please note that repeated bends and corrections can cause material fatigue and weaken the titanium wire, so please take care.