Megabass V9 Hybrid Spinner Bait

  • $15.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The Megabass which was first Japanese spinner Bate maker produced spinner Bate of until now various concepts. Various know-how that I cultivated so far is poured into the ninth spinner bait whom such a Megabass is fully prepared and produced. MS009 "V9". What you should mention specially is the head shape. The fusion of the V-FLAT head balances real visual effect and functionality with a fish head. The V keel characterizing the V-FLAT head doubles the start when quick side toppling at the time of the obstacle contact is a second little. I interfere it effectively with a current and add the hydrohead which I took seriously over the details to superior going straight stability and the optimization of the hook set position and bring about  sharp vibration. In addition, so that a skirt performs flare dynamically; is Thai Inge for a slightly bigger skirt goalkeeper. The original hook of the long shank and narrow gape realize a high hooking percentage without the trailer hook. Furthermore, the twin damper arm absorbing a shock contributes to a quick start after the obstacle contact. A head and the vibration of the blade are amplified with a double by the spring background of a lower arm and the upper arm which curved. I produce scathing vibration to transmit to the wide area more. Stream down the Lee ring sensitivity that is a bibit by the metal contact in an angler. and. at the time of a blade turn, a front blade coming in contact with bending upper arm produces delicate click sound. Please check ultimate versatility of MS009 "V9".