Reins Tungsten Sliding Football

Reins Tungsten Sliding Football

  • $7.49

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The tungsten head was designed by Walker to fill a gap in the terminal tackle on the market. “This was something that has been overlooked by companies and really fills a niche for something that will help with several techniques,” he begins.

The three keys to the design, according to Walker, are the fact that it is made of tungsten, has an insert and comes with a durable finish. “Tungsten, as we all know, is so much smaller and more sensitive and that really helps feel the bottom. You get that feedback from the weight so you can tell if the bottom is soft, rock, a roadbed or whatever it is,” he says. “You can really tell what is going on down there and that is where you will usually get a bite when the weight hits something along the bottom.”

The finish and added insert are two other keys to the weight. “All of the Reins products have an impeccable finish, it holds up unbelievably,” says the Tennesse pro. “The insert is another key because your line is always at risk of getting knicked and cut if you are using tungsten without an insert.”