Z-Man Ever Green Stealth Blade

  • $15.99

WARNING: Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Placing a precious jewel in the crown of the bladed jig category it helped create, Z-Man recently won Best Freshwater Hard Lure at the fishing industry's preeminent trade show, the 2020 International Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST). Among a multitude of new lures, the exceptional new Z-Man bladed jig garnered the winning votes cast by media and tackle buyers in ICAST's New Product Showcase.

Already renowned for its phenomenal run of fish-catching, tournament-winning success, the Z-Man / EverGreen ChatterBait JackHammer has now been joined by a subtler, ultra-refined bladed bass jig.

Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade


"The JackHammer StealthBlade is the antidote for bass that have seen endless parades of traditional bladed jigs," divulges Brett Hite, pro angler and designer of the eminent ChatterBait JackHammer and its radical new finesse offspring, the JackHammer StealthBlade.

The driving force behind the patented new ChatterBait design, a clear, finely-chiseled polycarbonate blade produces a totally different sound and vibration, but like its predecessor, starts thumping intensely with the first half-turn of the reel handle. "I'd say the vibe of the StealthBlade feels a little tighter, hunts with a slightly higher frequency vibration," asserts Hite, who has won over a million dollars on bladed jigs. "The clear, covert blade is heard, but not seen by bass. It gives off a fresh vibration that hunts in evasive ways and gives the jig's head a sweet rolling action. The StealthBlade's compact size adds to its appeal in heavy pressure situations."


A collaborative effort between Z-Man and leading Japanese tackle company EverGreen International, the ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade, says Seiya Muto, Senior Manager of Business at EverGreen International, complements but does not replace the original JackHammer. "We crafted the StealthBlade as a finesse ChatterBait with a subtler underwater impact. The two baits are meant to be fished in rotation, with the JackHammer StealthBlade squeezing out extra bites with its quieter, covert footprint."

"The credit for this bait and the ICAST award really goes to EverGreen and Brett Hite, who took an idea and created something quite remarkable," asserts Daniel Nussbaum, President of Z-Man Fishing. "Working with EverGreen has been truly rewarding—a collaboration that continues to yield amazing baits that boost catch rates and help win tournaments for anglers across the globe. Honestly, this award belongs on the EverGreen mantle, just as much as Z-Man's."

"We're excited and honored that so many people in the fishing industry expect great things from this lure," adds Muto. "By winning this award, we hope it encourages more anglers to try the StealthBlade and experience great fishing with it, which is our goal."

Released to the angling public via retailers nationwide in early August, the Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade (MSRP $15.99) features 3/8- and ½-ounce sizes in six pro-crafted color patterns. For more information, visit www.zmanfishing.com.